The battle cry of Love over Career (Lala Land realizations)

Life is very tricky and is telling us that you really can’t have it all.

You either have someone to share life with  but end up with no career or you are the most successful person on earth but no one to share this success with.. or maybe you belong to the in-between, not a love nor a career. You belong to the faction who are still in the process of waiting..of praying..of working hard for it.

What if one day love knocks at your door. Not the person you have dreamed of..but someone who is more. Someone who knocks in,came in and never left.


Someone who is with you through your journey..who lifts you up when you almost hit the ground. Who pushes you to the limit and tell you not to give up when you feel like doing so. Someone who believes in you  when no one else can (not even yourself). Who loved you at your worst and instead of leaving you when you are a mess, they end up comforting you.

What if love became so perfect ? and what if career suddenly came in?

The career you have worked for years. The career which have let you experienced failure more than you can bear but still end up fighting for it. The career which have made you gave up things… The career you have always wanted…


What would you choose? Would you let the perfect love go over your dreamed career or would you settle with the love who first knocks at your door, let the career go and just move on?

Lala Land is not just a typical musical love story where every dialogue needs to be sang by the cast and where the protagonist always ends up together.  It is a combination of a modern yet throwback set up of film making. It is taking us to how the musically- theatrically -ish movies back then was made but never forget the taste of millennials of today.

It is like..showing us two hearts with life revolving around their passion. Two hearts that have crossed paths but were compelled to make a decision. They just let life take them to where they supposed to be.——–

After I watched the movie, I realized that the battle cry between love and career always gets in the way. I mean, why can’t we have it all and just balance the situation? Why do we always have to choose between love or career?

Then I started to think. If I were in Mia’s ( Emma Stone) or Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) shoes, would I grab the opportunity of having my dream come true and will mean that I will leave my lover behind or do otherwise? Maybe I will or maybe I won’t.

Maybe I will because its a once in a lifetime opportunity, as what the popular saying goes..opportunity only knocks once and if you let go it will never come back. While love on the other hand can wait for you. Your career is what makes you successful, makes you earn a living and not just makes you happy but all the people around you as well. It is something that you know you worked hard for and you deserve every inch of it. It is something worth bragging for because you earned that sh*t!, while love is something you can find again after you have let go of the other. It is something you can develop as time goes by. It can wait, career cannot. No matter how old are you or what status do you have, love is always there for you but it can never be vise versa. Love alone does not move you to greater heights. It cannot feed your family. It cannot be enough as a reward for all the failures you have absorbed. Career is what you have now and what will bring you to a brighter future.


Maybe I won’t. Because love is something you don’t give up from. Love is something that makes you wake up every morning ready to fight and seize the day. Love is something that makes you feel positive wherever you go and whatever you do. Maybe because love can be enough to live this life. Maybe love can teach you another passion to pursue, and maybe the perfect love only come at the right time and if you miss it love will never come back for you. Maybe love is enough and worth choosing.

Maybe love.. maybe career.

I think no matter how we open a debate between love or career, the judgement will always be fair.None of these can win or earn a higher point. Because hearts are torn and both are important that you cannot pick just one. Choosing between the two needs an analysis that requires the heart and the minds collaboration.

Love   or   career?

Maybe I’ll be Mia and Seb’s.

(Whatever you choose, just make sure it is what makes you happy and you won’t regret choosing it. Goodluck! 🙂 )






Featured image edited by Pose n’ Post.
Lala Land images grabbed from google.







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