21st Hot Air Balloon Festival

The place was smoggy and the wind was strong as it touches my skin and made me shiver. It was just 3 in the morning and I am wearing a white boyfriend polo, a black shorts paired with my white shoes. I was ready for the sun, but I wasn’t ready for the fog.

I thought we arrived too early for the event. As I look around, the parking lot was almost full and on the other side of the fence are people in cue walking towards the entrance gate. The weary sigh was changed by excitement smile. “This is it!” I thought. “I am finally here.”. I always planned to attend this annual event but cannot find time to do so. Fortunately this year, 2017 I was able to witness the spectacular event where everything flies.





While waiting for the event to start the sunrise made sure to steal the moment.


Once the fest commences, everybody was up their knees with cameras on hand making sure to capture every exhibition in the sky.





The wind begun stabilizing and the sand comes with it. Every blew of the wind,the sand kissed my skin


and turned my white shoes brown-ish. (haha)


The competing balloons were inflated and were soon released in the sky creating a photographic show up above.


It was a great weekend indeed. The sleepless night I had was worth it. 🙂


I hope everyone, once in there life could witness a fest as cool as this one.


(I’d like to commend the organizers and somehow note that the poor traffic system made my rating 100% turn 80% ) 
(photo’s are unfiltered)





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