To the boy who love a complicated girl

Once upon a time you were contentedly happy with your life.Doing whatever you want to do, date anyone you like, talk to different girls anytime , when suddenly this girl came in. She unintentionally became your subject. You caught yourself smiling with just the thought of her.Even found yourself spending time with her most of your free time .Later on you realize,she became the only girl you want to talk to and hang out with. She suddenly came and decided to stay in your life.


Everything happens fast and spontaneous but one day you realized that she was not that easy. She was a complicated girl.  She makes you worry about everything she will or might do. You feel the urge to look after her always because she might do things she’ll regret after. You always decide for the both of you because she never wanted to make decisions. You think of ways to make her feel reassured because she is too paranoid. You became sick of it but love doing it anyway.

Truth is, she will be your pain in the ass. She is a living paradox, a complexity of things. It will be difficult to deal with her, her insecurities, her issues, and her tangled thoughts.She will change mood often than you change your clothes. One day she will laugh like there’s no tomorrow then instantly be angry  for something you do not know. (and cannot figure out). You will teach her to let go of her issues and mend her insecurities, and she will let you own her. But her insecurities will suddenly gush in and make her go insane again. Keep in mind that she never want it. She’s sick of it as much as you are, but she cannot do anything about it. The feelings are unbearable and you cannot handle her strange mood swings anymore.

She’s difficult to comprehend and its hard for you to stay sane for her. Its hard for you to understand how hurt she was and still is or why she felt that way suddenly. Then the thought of leaving her and giving up what you had occur. —but I beg you– don’t.

You met her in this state. She destroyed the walls she built for you. She opened up her world fearlessly so you will know what you are getting into, but you stayed anyway. So this time around … you must still stay. She loved you more than herself and gave you everything she could afford to give, even if it meant sacrificing her own will and pride. She adored you like you were an art. She protected you like a new born. She loved you, still love you and will continue loving you even until she couldn’t love anymore.


Don’t. Do not give up. Do not leave this complicated girl behind. Be with her when she deals with herself. Fight the battle with her. Stay with her until she figure everything out. Help her discover her strengths, and unleash her worry. Motivate her to overcome her metamorphosis and love her even more. I guarantee you, you will become her world. You will never have to worry about her, her reckless thoughts and her wandering soul. She will become the irony of what she is right now, and she will make sure to return the favor.

Although you’re tired of her, do not give up on her.



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