5 things I love about Crystal Beach

Deadlines approaching..

Work loads been stretched..

Hectic Schedules..

Work on day off…

Meetings and presentations. .

Sales Target…

Salespeople training..

and (insert long sigh)

Bills to pay.😥😣😒😫—

UGH! is all you can say.Just the thought of these things already caused you anxiety. You wanna scream but your boss might hear you and say your complaining. You wanna vent out but your colleagues might create gossip about you, so it just leaves you with UGH! and rolling of eyes.

I was on my way home after an exhausting day and my mind was filled with thoughts.


I wrapped up my things and went away. I need to distress and leave the chaotic metro. I need to breathe and witness the sunrise and sunsets and be closer to nature once in a while.


I set my feet on the sand of this beach. A serene beach perfect for unwinding. A perfect place for camping and surfing lessons.


Welcome to Crystal beach my friends. This is located at Brgy La paz, San Narciso, Zambales-Pangasinan Road. (just a few miles away from the metro).

How to? 

You just  have to go to the nearest Victory Liner terminal and board the bus bound for Iba,Zambales (via SCTEX), then alight at San Narciso,Zambales (near San Sebastian Church) and ride a tricycle to Crystal Beach resort.

Pretty easy huh?



5 things I love about CRYSTAL BEACH RESORT

  1. The Place is huge. Every place is Instagram worthy. You just need a perfect camera and creative mind because every corner is worth a snap. This place will save you from your month of Instagram post. (Top of the list!)




2. The perfect sunset view. (and maybe sunrise, but I was too lazy to wake up early for that. too bad 😦 )

You can do your pre-nuptial, pre-debut, pre-birthday, or (pre-natal) shots here. The lighting can never go wrong. Just do your “awra”-thingy and then voila! perfect DP! 😀





3. The food is lavish. If you stay overnight in any of their rooms/glamping, you will be entitled to a free buffet breakfast. If not, no need to  worry because the meals are affordable for more or less P250.00 (try their mango shake, it’s flavorful!. )




4. The Feels. Well, “millennial term”. Crystal beach gives me the feels of serenity and tranquility. Though we share the resort with other guests the place can still be a perfect spot for your “I’m gonna find myself” moment or “emo-reminiscing” dramas. There, the most common used phrase “I need space” is literally given to everyone. We even managed to do stargazing under the moonlight; lying in the sand and listening to the waves without any distraction. —-It almost seems like a perfect marriage with nature.

5. The Staff and the overall experience. The staff are accommodating and hospitable. They always smile and greet you whenever they see you. The whole experience wouldn’t be as satisfying as it was if not for their help.


I thought camping was so scary, good thing they provided camping glamorously- glamping. HAHA.



So if you want to de-stress, pack your bags and head on to Crystal beach resort and tell me the things you love there!



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