The Island that fits my taste: GUIMARAS

It was supposed to be a plain business trip in Iloilo, until our itchy feet became active again which leads us to the beautiful island of Guimaras.





Before we go all the way about our trip,Let me tell you first something about Guimaras. It may be known because of the sweetest Mangoes, but there is more to this place than the yellow fruit.

Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas Region. Among the smallest provinces, its capital is Jordan. The Island is located in the Panay Gulf between the islands of Panay and Negros. (source: Wikipedia)




It was a 15-30 minute ride from the Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf to reach the island. We left early morning at 6 o’clock to catch up with the first trip of the boat.

Upon reaching the Jordan Wharf  you will be assisted by tricycle drivers to reach your point of destination. You don’t have to worry because there are a lot of tricycles waiting in the area.However, you have to make sure to know which resort you want to visit because distance must be considered there.




We had chosen the Alobijod cove because it was the recommended place as based on the article we have search. Well, since we are not familiar with the place and it was our first time, we rely on what google recommends.

The travel time from the wharf to the beach was not what I have expected. Gahhd, the distance was pretty far! But since we were soooo excited, distance doesn’t matter!


It may be an hour of bumpy windy tricycle ride but it was all worth it! Seeing how clean the water was and how surreal the place is, my jaw literally dropped!


My sleepless night and early morning travel was completely paid off when a scenery like all these will be served upon my eyes. It was so perfect!—from the blue sky , the white sand, the clean waters and the hospitable people. It was like an undiscovered haven!



That is why, despite the time pressure, we did not prevent ourselves from exploring the island more. —- Island Hopping it is! 



The Ave Maria island was my favorite among all! There’s a mini sand bar, and little fishes swimming so freely. We even managed to do snorkeling and catch a star fish (but we let it go after taking photos of it).





It may be a rush-so-we-could-not-missed-our-flight-trip but Guimaras has given us so much to remember and experience worth sharing. I will be back Guimaras, and by that time, I will stay much longer.




For the record, this trip could have been a 100% perfect if not for my new Sony Z3 which bleep and stop functioning after I soaked it in the beautiful salt water of this Island. Hoping that since its April 1st, my phone is just playing its trick on me and will soon say APRIL FOOLS.




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