11:45PM- Uncategorized thought

The world is selfish. If miseries are present I am called. If troubles will happen I will be the suspect. If trials are tough you made me weaker.

No one cares about my tears.

Nobody cares about how my heart stings. Nobody bothers to know if my lungs still breathe air. Nobody asks if everyday is still bearable.

All the world wants is to be the center of attention. The protagonist in a play.. The life of the party… while me? I am just a particle. A particle being shoved away,being pushed around, being  put to trash. I am just a small dust that no one even bothers to check.

The world wants to be the most important entity and to the world a dust like me is in-existent.

Only when a dust is needed to cover up their hole, only then that a dust will be important. But when the dust  start to show its  heart and pour its soul..the world leaves.. the world goes away.

The world acts like it knows all. It emits  no boundaries. The world thinks its all knowing.. and the dust is the one being condemned..being shattered into pieces.. being bombarded by painful bullets such as words from a foul heart. The world never see how the dust is struggling to collect its pieces together so that it will become useful to the world. The world never see its sacrifices.. all it see is its wrongdoings..its mistakes..its imperfections.

To the world there is nothing more important than itself, its own opinion, its own point of view. The world is more important than what I think, see, feel, touch or even smell.. other than that, everything is superficial, make believe, imaginations, lies, false accusations..

The world is unfair.

The world is unfair to the dust.

The world is unfair to a dust like me.

The world is unfair to me.

You are unfair.



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