The story..(Our Story)

As I was browsing my Tumblr account, I saw this post. This was the first poem i have written about him and I haven’t written anything after. 😦




They say all stories start with Once Upon a time..,

and ends in Happily ever after..

Is it how I’ll tell this story too?

Like how you started it when I asked you?

Well..Once upon a time there was this girl,

she hugs the walls, she push them all,

she used to believe she lives alone,

so when someone cares she doubts and drove them away.

Then one day he met a man,

the man he never expected.

He was the man, a handsome one (?)

the man who’s willing to embrace her.

She always doubts and find hard to believe,

thinking that he will soon leave..

but this man proves otherwise,

he never even left her nor think twice.

They may argue a lot, I say

just about small petty things..

but, its normal for them to misunderstood..

because they are two different creatures.

What they had was not a stage play,

what they had was not a dream,

What they had was never planned,

it is reality and it was meant to be.

Like all stories, it started as Once upon a time..

but not all stories, theirs has no end..

(Only Happy ever after)






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