When love goes wrong..

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Earlier this morning I woke up with the Television on and the hosts and guests of the show were discussing on a topic about LOVE and Mistresses. 

The question was, Can we control being in love with someone who is already committed? or in simple terms.. Can we control Love?

I feel like I am obliged to give my own perception about the question, not that I have in one relationship like that, but because I am a lady and I have my own opinion about it and well.. I partly disagree with their answer.

The guests of the show answered “No, we cannot control it. It is not their choice to become a mistress or to ruin a relationship, they just loved.”

I beg to disagree to that statement.

Yes, we just loved and we cannot choose who we fall for (oftentimes) because as they say,  love happens in ways you never expect it to.

But, case to case basis I may say. When it had come to your knowledge that the other person, or “the person you have fallen for” is already committed and worse “married”, you have to pack your bags and go away! Why would you risk being an option?

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Think again, do you ever think that this person will give you lifetime of happiness? Do you think that she/he will ever treat you as a priority? Do you think that she/he will gave up what she/he had long before you came just for you? Stop dreaming! Live in reality! Move on! because that will not happen!, for some it may work but its just 1 out of 10.

I know.. I know.. It’s easier said than done. But, …

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Being in a wrong relationship will never lead you to the right path. Put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the line. If you were the original, and someone is flirting with your love, how would you feel?

I agree that love is so unconditional and sometimes although our mind is urging us to leave the person, we cannot do it. Why? because our hopes are still high. In the back of our minds, we are still hoping that we will be the priority and we will be the chosen one. But, this is wrong. No matter how many times we flip the coin,  you will still be the grey area.

It won’t happen overnight. You may shed tears. Reminisce the moments.

But its not for you. She/He is not for you.

Someone already has him/her.

Someone is already making him/her happy.

Don’t be the instrument to him/her committing sins of stabbing their partner in the back. Don’t pull the trigger because you don’t deserve it.

You deserve to be a priority not an option.

You deserve his/her 24 hours not his/her 3 hours or MWF.

You deserve him/her full attention, not his/her part time.

You deserve to her universe and not just a portion.

You deserve someone better, someone who is for you.

and for those lying, unfaithful, cheating partner…

Karma’s a bitch! Would you leave your “Forever” just to be with someone whom you think makes you happier now?

If your answer is YES! then Go!

Do not prolong the agony of the person whose expecting you to be the same man/woman they had met years or months ago.

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You don’t deserve him/her. Just leave!

and..piece of advice..

To wrap this up, No we cannot control love but  we have a choice whether to follow cupid or save our self from a lifetime of guilt and follow our damn mind (for once). Cheers! 🙂




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