My AdSummitPH 2018 experience

This year, I got to attend the biggest advertising and marketing event in the Philippines. An event wherein almost all the key players in the industry have gathered around to learn, showcase and mingle with each other.

Here is the video to summarize my week of stay in Subic for the event. 😜


Our home away from home.

Whenever my boyfriend and I felt burnt out and need to de stress we always look for ways to release the emotions so it won’t eat us alive. We sometimes watch movie,or eat a lot, but the most satisfying thing to do is to travel.

Traveling together gives us the chance to know each other more. Traveling allow us explore and create memories with each other and also its our way of temporarily leaving the chaos that is stressing us out,so we can go back energized and well charged to face the pressure. When we could not decide where to go,we always find ourselves heading to this place..

…our home away from home..

..our comfort zone…

I have been to Olongapo and Subic 4 times already and every visit is unique.

My first was when we had our first travel together 3 yrs ago. We had a quick Olongapo trip before we head on to Zambales.

Next was when he attended his cousins wedding and went to Oceanview Resort after.

Third time was when we visited Crystal Beach..

And fourth is now!

( not a pro. Dont judge!😂😂😂)

Good thing about Olongapo is you don’t need to spare days just to visit the place because you can opt for a day tour or visit it in just a day.  But,if you want to explore the city you will probably stay more than a day.

Plus, there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with this place. 😍

Went to Gapo to de stress, comes back happier. So that’s how we do it! How about you? Where is your home away from home?😘


How I met Baguio City and Fell in love.

Baguio, officially the City of Baguio (IbaloiCiudad ne BagiwIlocanoSiudad ti BaguioPangasinanSiyudad na BaguioTagalogLungsod ng Baguio) and often referred to as Baguio City, is a highly urbanized city in northern Luzon of the Philippines, also referred to as the Summer Capital of the Philippines. It is geographically located within Benguet, serving as the provincial capital from 1901 to 1916,[3] but has since been administered independently from the province following its conversion into a chartered city. The city has become the center of business, commerce, and education in northern Luzon, as well as the regional center of the Cordillera Administrative Region (source:Wikipedia)

Baguio City and my memories with it..

I have visited the city of pines thrice already,and every visit feels like a first time because of different agenda and different companion.

My first visit in Baguio City was last 2012 when i was chosen to represent our college for an annual student leaders association conference. It was an annual convention joined by student leaders from every region in Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. I was in my 3rd year college that time.



It was the moment when I thought Baguio city was surreal. I enjoyed the fog every morning and saw the “smoke” came out of our mouth every time we spoke to each other.

It was the first taste of strawberry taho and first glimpse of a night market.


My first visit in Baguio was more of a getting to know stage. I developed friendship from strangers with odd dialects. I embraced nationalism. I learned a lot about the past,present and future of our generation.. and most importantly I get to see what Baguio is to its guests.

My second visit in Baguio was the shortest visit. I was with some family and friends. We were there for less than a day but Baguio managed to let me see her beauty through adventures. We visited Camp John Hay and did some extreme activities such as rappelling and zip line. We also managed to took photos in mines view and Burnham park before heading home.

13982_359883847465805_1591723290_n 58173_359896180797905_44500772_n


My third visit was a mix of business and pleasure. I was scheduled for a training in our store at SM City Baguio. Since its holiday on the succeeding days. I managed to roam around the city of Pines which I visited 3 years ago.

I allowed Baguio to have a place in my heart and enabled Baguio to be part of my lifetime memory with the person I love. This time around..I got to know Baguio more..

Woke up to the breeze from the trees and the light from the sun..(ooh. I love waking up to a cuddle bed weather like this! ) —-

We we’re supposed to follow an itinerary for Sagada but since it was holiday, the place was too crowded. The terminal was full of people waiting in line and the streets were so busy. So instead of leaving Baguio, we decided to fell in love with the City instead.

2 ed

We decided to splurge ourselves with a gastronomical experience,tried the famous Pizza Volante ( with overlooking view)

1 ed

and the Gigantic meals at 50’s diner!

3 ed

4 ed

2nd day when we visited Bencab museum and amazed by the uniqueness of art.




Baguio never failed to  give me “the feels” every time I came to visit.

With that…

Thank you Baguio for showing me different sides of you. I have met you , got to know you and fell in love with you. We may part ways, but you will always be a part of me. Something I will look forward of seeing always and love no matter what.




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My Photo diary: #WhenInCAMIGUIN

I always visit Cagayan De Oro for business trips and knowing that Camiguin is just hours away, I have craved for the Island tour. Gladly,I took a day off and my colleague who happen to be a local there is scheduled to go home for an event. So I decided to tag along to see how beautiful Camiguin is.


I took a lot of photos in my one and a half day stay at Camiguin so I decided to title this blog “My Photo Diary” so please expect a lot of photos! Haha!

But before that, I would really love to encourage everyone to visit this place. It is a perfect place for all travelers regardless of what you’re into. It is like a one-stop travel place from lakes, falls, pools, beach and a lot  more! Not to mention that people in Camiguin are very hospitable. As I have mentioned I home-stayed to a local there so I will not be able to recommend some places to stay. (Sorry for that.)Instead, check out the photos I have gathered so you won’t miss any spot!



I traveled all the way from Cagayan De Oro proper to Balingoan port through motorcycle. (Imagine the struggle I have to endure just to spend money less hahaha ) But, you have an option to ride a bus or a van.—  We left Camiguin at 3 o’clock in the morning and arrived at 7 in the morning. The second trip which was scheduled 7 was fully booked so we have no choice but to go for the 3rd trip.

We arrived at Camiguin at 9’oclock in the morning because we obviously  missed the first and second trip of the fast craft at the Balingoan Port 😦 It would be better if you will alight in Camiguin so you can really maximize your time. Mine was just a day off because I have worked done in the nearby city which is CDO and still have to catch my flight back in Manila the next day.

Travel time from Balingoan Port to Benoni Wharf in Camiguin is 1.5 to 2 hours and will cost you P150.00



My first stop : Giant Clamp!!


It was so heart warming because the tourist guides are children. They can even adjust to what dialect is requested by their visitors from English, Bisaya and Tagalog. Coool!! :))


The photo above are small (giant) clamps and baby clamps being grown in these bed with sea waters. The caretakers get these clamps to protect it from the predators that might harm their life, some predators are known sea creatures,but the biggest predator of these clamps are called HUMAN. (as what the guide said). Once the clamps grew bigger, they are brought back to the sea as their natural habitat.

IMG_9867This cutie guide mentioned a lot of scientific names I forgot! HAHA (Sorry I wasn’t prepared to take down notes). He also mentioned different types of clamps according to  its ability, I only remember one name which is called Boring Clamp. (I don’t know if I just misheard the name! They said it was called so because it just go with the flow. ) For more info you can just google it. Hahaha




Some instagram worthy spots 😉





Tuasan Falls. 







Majestic Falls.. ❤ ❤ ❤







Reminisce at Sunken Cemetery

Locals said that the Mt Vulcan and an Earthquake covered up the whole cemetery back in 1871. Which means that the coffins or should I say the whole cemetery  sank in sea-bed, maybe  turned into corrals.

 A huge cross was then made which lies 20 feet underwater to commemorate the community cemetery.



The cross is not near the shore line. If you want to take a look closer you have to rent a boat for only P100.00. There are guides/bangkeros who can assist you on this matter and even take photographs of you if you are traveling solo or want to take a groufie shot:)



I would like to commend our Photographer Bangkero Kuya Jeffrey who has been in this business for 20 years already. He seems to have developed expertise in both fields because of practice. He was even teaching us some pose. haha kudos!



( My very kind/hospitable hosts/guide Ms Eurika  and Mr Wel. )


I even bumped to my college friend who I haven’t seen in four freaking years! HAHA sa Camiguin pa talaga???!


(Engr please pay me for your exposure! haha)

16th Century Guiob Church Ruins


There is no entrance fee but please feel free to leave up some donations before leaving. I also light up candles for a safe travel and for my love ones 😉



IMG_9982You will see the ruins of the islands Old church back in the Spanish era which was called Cotta Bato.





The Road 

Touring around the city will require that you rent your own vehicle so it will be hassle free. It will also give you the freedom to stop by at places you find instagrammable.





White Sandbar 

My last and final stop was the famous White Sand Island. Its perfect if you will visit the place early in the morning so it will not be crowded and so hot. Remember too much sun exposure can harm your skin,so make sure to wear sunscreen and avoid the hours when sun is at its brightest.



For your guidance, here’s the rates. (P450/boat)



I suggest that before you go the island, you must be in your swimming attire because places where you can change are limited.


You will ride a boat to take you to the eye-captivating white sand bar. Once you’re there you can rent an umbrella or just lay down your own carpet in the powdery-sand. Suuppeer Fiiiineee. ❤








I never knew sea urchins are edible. o.O





I own the Island! Haha.  That’s the good thing about arriving early and visiting places when its not at its peak days 🙂




I am in love in the clear waters, the view, and the super fine sand! I am so excited to bring you here!!!


 My short stay in Camiguin was really fruitful. I got to explore the tourist spots,not all, but the most important ones. If you will go there, make sure to spend a minimum of 3 days  to get to know Camiguin more and the people maintaining these masterpiece.

Let’s schedule our visit here, shall we?





( I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my tour guide colleague Ms Eurika and her boyfriend.  Thank you for all your efforts in making my stay a perfect one! ) 




The Island that fits my taste: GUIMARAS

It was supposed to be a plain business trip in Iloilo, until our itchy feet became active again which leads us to the beautiful island of Guimaras.





Before we go all the way about our trip,Let me tell you first something about Guimaras. It may be known because of the sweetest Mangoes, but there is more to this place than the yellow fruit.

Guimaras is an island province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas Region. Among the smallest provinces, its capital is Jordan. The Island is located in the Panay Gulf between the islands of Panay and Negros. (source: Wikipedia)




It was a 15-30 minute ride from the Ortiz Wharf to Jordan Wharf to reach the island. We left early morning at 6 o’clock to catch up with the first trip of the boat.

Upon reaching the Jordan Wharf  you will be assisted by tricycle drivers to reach your point of destination. You don’t have to worry because there are a lot of tricycles waiting in the area.However, you have to make sure to know which resort you want to visit because distance must be considered there.




We had chosen the Alobijod cove because it was the recommended place as based on the article we have search. Well, since we are not familiar with the place and it was our first time, we rely on what google recommends.

The travel time from the wharf to the beach was not what I have expected. Gahhd, the distance was pretty far! But since we were soooo excited, distance doesn’t matter!


It may be an hour of bumpy windy tricycle ride but it was all worth it! Seeing how clean the water was and how surreal the place is, my jaw literally dropped!


My sleepless night and early morning travel was completely paid off when a scenery like all these will be served upon my eyes. It was so perfect!—from the blue sky , the white sand, the clean waters and the hospitable people. It was like an undiscovered haven!



That is why, despite the time pressure, we did not prevent ourselves from exploring the island more. —- Island Hopping it is! 



The Ave Maria island was my favorite among all! There’s a mini sand bar, and little fishes swimming so freely. We even managed to do snorkeling and catch a star fish (but we let it go after taking photos of it).





It may be a rush-so-we-could-not-missed-our-flight-trip but Guimaras has given us so much to remember and experience worth sharing. I will be back Guimaras, and by that time, I will stay much longer.




For the record, this trip could have been a 100% perfect if not for my new Sony Z3 which bleep and stop functioning after I soaked it in the beautiful salt water of this Island. Hoping that since its April 1st, my phone is just playing its trick on me and will soon say APRIL FOOLS.



CEBU, once again.


You might think that this is my first time in Cebu, sorry to tell you…  NO!It is not my first time. I have been to Cebu many times, but this was the first time that I had chance to explore and wander around the city.

Located in the Central Visayas region, Cebu City has made its mark in the tourists because of its famous “Butanding experience”. Beaches in Cebu are one of the go to during summer because the island is blessed with an abundant supply of beaches perfect for every get away.

However, the beach are not just want makes CEBU a top of the list destination. Cebu also plays some important role in our history and I managed to visit some of its places despite my short visit. Lets leave the beach a bit and take a walk in the city.



Fort San Pedro in Cebu City was built during the Spanish occupation to fend off local attackers. It later served as a bastion of resistance of Filipino revolutionaries in Cebu, barracks for American forces, a school, a refugee camp during World War II, and an army camp after the war. (source: Rappler)




We didn’t managed to get inside because there was a wedding. We would not want to be the “wedding crashers though 😀 )


The fort was restored in the years that followed. It is located beside the Plaza Independencia park.


Few meters away was the Sto Nino church where people can freely light up candles and whisper their wishes even without a penny (cause candles are for free 🙂 )


Walk straight and you’ll arrive at the Magellan’s cross! Unfortunately the gate is open only until 6 o’clock in the evening so we did not see it up close. saaad 😦


If you really want to wander around CEBU and get to know it better I suggest that you stay here for a week or two. 🙂 So sad I am always here for work and could not wander  around the queen city of the south. I will be back here for sure, not for anything else but to explore CEBU. Looking forward to travel with you! 🙂





Credits to: Post’n’Post for the shots:)

5 things I love about Crystal Beach

Deadlines approaching..

Work loads been stretched..

Hectic Schedules..

Work on day off…

Meetings and presentations. .

Sales Target…

Salespeople training..

and (insert long sigh)

Bills to pay.😥😣😒😫—

UGH! is all you can say.Just the thought of these things already caused you anxiety. You wanna scream but your boss might hear you and say your complaining. You wanna vent out but your colleagues might create gossip about you, so it just leaves you with UGH! and rolling of eyes.

I was on my way home after an exhausting day and my mind was filled with thoughts.


I wrapped up my things and went away. I need to distress and leave the chaotic metro. I need to breathe and witness the sunrise and sunsets and be closer to nature once in a while.


I set my feet on the sand of this beach. A serene beach perfect for unwinding. A perfect place for camping and surfing lessons.


Welcome to Crystal beach my friends. This is located at Brgy La paz, San Narciso, Zambales-Pangasinan Road. (just a few miles away from the metro).

How to? 

You just  have to go to the nearest Victory Liner terminal and board the bus bound for Iba,Zambales (via SCTEX), then alight at San Narciso,Zambales (near San Sebastian Church) and ride a tricycle to Crystal Beach resort.

Pretty easy huh?



5 things I love about CRYSTAL BEACH RESORT

  1. The Place is huge. Every place is Instagram worthy. You just need a perfect camera and creative mind because every corner is worth a snap. This place will save you from your month of Instagram post. (Top of the list!)




2. The perfect sunset view. (and maybe sunrise, but I was too lazy to wake up early for that. too bad 😦 )

You can do your pre-nuptial, pre-debut, pre-birthday, or (pre-natal) shots here. The lighting can never go wrong. Just do your “awra”-thingy and then voila! perfect DP! 😀





3. The food is lavish. If you stay overnight in any of their rooms/glamping, you will be entitled to a free buffet breakfast. If not, no need to  worry because the meals are affordable for more or less P250.00 (try their mango shake, it’s flavorful!. )




4. The Feels. Well, “millennial term”. Crystal beach gives me the feels of serenity and tranquility. Though we share the resort with other guests the place can still be a perfect spot for your “I’m gonna find myself” moment or “emo-reminiscing” dramas. There, the most common used phrase “I need space” is literally given to everyone. We even managed to do stargazing under the moonlight; lying in the sand and listening to the waves without any distraction. —-It almost seems like a perfect marriage with nature.

5. The Staff and the overall experience. The staff are accommodating and hospitable. They always smile and greet you whenever they see you. The whole experience wouldn’t be as satisfying as it was if not for their help.


I thought camping was so scary, good thing they provided camping glamorously- glamping. HAHA.



So if you want to de-stress, pack your bags and head on to Crystal beach resort and tell me the things you love there!


21st Hot Air Balloon Festival

The place was smoggy and the wind was strong as it touches my skin and made me shiver. It was just 3 in the morning and I am wearing a white boyfriend polo, a black shorts paired with my white shoes. I was ready for the sun, but I wasn’t ready for the fog.

I thought we arrived too early for the event. As I look around, the parking lot was almost full and on the other side of the fence are people in cue walking towards the entrance gate. The weary sigh was changed by excitement smile. “This is it!” I thought. “I am finally here.”. I always planned to attend this annual event but cannot find time to do so. Fortunately this year, 2017 I was able to witness the spectacular event where everything flies.





While waiting for the event to start the sunrise made sure to steal the moment.


Once the fest commences, everybody was up their knees with cameras on hand making sure to capture every exhibition in the sky.





The wind begun stabilizing and the sand comes with it. Every blew of the wind,the sand kissed my skin


and turned my white shoes brown-ish. (haha)


The competing balloons were inflated and were soon released in the sky creating a photographic show up above.


It was a great weekend indeed. The sleepless night I had was worth it. 🙂


I hope everyone, once in there life could witness a fest as cool as this one.


(I’d like to commend the organizers and somehow note that the poor traffic system made my rating 100% turn 80% ) 
(photo’s are unfiltered)




Looking back at 2016

Time flies so fast! We are now on the 6th day of the new year. I haven’t even planned how I want this year to be, not a bucket list have been made. wew!

But before I start planning of what’s ahead, I think its just fair to look back to what happened in the past year. Many have claimed that 2016 was a hell of a year and I agree with that with reservations. 2016 has not been my best year but I could not say it was the worst.

2016 was the year where my itchy feet had been very active, and my finances very low. HAHA! But, did I regret any? Not even a pinch!

Here’s the culprit of my finances for the past year. ( Just the highlights)  🙂

Revisiting Naga



(  The place have improved since the last time I went there, plus I got to see a good friend and catch up with each other)


dsc_0187I feel in love in this place the first time I saw it. This is an undiscovered paradise! 🙂

Side trip at Tagaytay


Reuniting with Friends at Puerto Galera

Processed with VSCO

20160513_174122Processed with VSCO

 Haven’t seen these people since forever! HAHA. Puerto Galera was the best place! I will be back again!

White water Rafting at Cagayan De Oro


Survived my level 1 white water rafting! Looking forward for Level 2 -.-



(I thought windmills are just in Ilocos, but I was wrong. 😀 )


First International trip and Birthday Celebration  in  Macau


Turned 23 at Hongkong 


(Will post a separate blog about  this 🙂 )

Go All Wet with Water Activities at Laresio Laguna


Pretty much that sums up my itchy feet 2016! It was a hell of a roller coaster ride with all the bumpy roads, but I would not have it any other way!

Way to go 2017!