Okay, I know that not everyone is comfortable talking about their insecurities yet here I am trying to write a blog post about it. I just want to tell everyone how I somehow overcome my insecurities, to maybe inspire, if not all, at least even one of you in a way that I can. Growing … Continue reading HOW I OVERCOME MY INSECURITIES


10:40PM : Uncategorized thought

Its been days since I started to write something that could be posted on my blog. For an update eh? But, I couldn’t find a topic that I could sustain and finish smoothly. I was distracted. Distracted by what? By life. Life lately is so dragging. I could not seem to find that perfect motivation … Continue reading 10:40PM : Uncategorized thought


A boy I admired so much, Is the one I love to touch. His cute face and gorgeous smile, Had captured my eyes with dazzling shine. He promised to wait and love me forever, But forever has turned to never; I saw him strolling with someone else, Exchanging smiles and sweet caress. And now a … Continue reading BROKEN