White is an achromatic color, a color without hue. opposite of black, or darkness.—-

Some people are not fond of wearing white stuffs because it’s hard to maintain. You need to be extra careful all throughout your day so your outfit won’t get dirty.

But I do not belong to  these group of people because I adore white.I personally like this achromatic color. Wearing it makes me feel fresh and beautiful.



Whether I’m out for a morning stroll, a road trip or even a trek, my white stuffs are my go to’s.


Rocking out with my white ensembles adds a little confidence.






If you have problems cleaning your white sneakers, internet suggests you use baking soda to maintain the hue, or might as well protect it from stains and rains with Crep Protect.


Crep uses nanotechnology that coats the shoe with superhydrophobic solution that repels most liquids and stains. Check out this amazing product and how it can help you with your shoes thru http://www.crepprotect.com/