My Photo diary: #WhenInCAMIGUIN


I always visit Cagayan De Oro for business trips and knowing that Camiguin is just hours away, I have craved for the Island tour. Gladly,I took a day off and my colleague who happen to be a local there is scheduled to go home for an event. So I decided to tag along to see how beautiful Camiguin is.


I took a lot of photos in my one and a half day stay at Camiguin so I decided to title this blog “My Photo Diary” so please expect a lot of photos! Haha!

But before that, I would really love to encourage everyone to visit this place. It is a perfect place for all travelers regardless of what you’re into. It is like a one-stop travel place from lakes, falls, pools, beach and a lot  more! Not to mention that people in Camiguin are very hospitable. As I have mentioned I home-stayed to…

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