When loving someone becomes draining..

You’re alone.. Sitting in a coffee shop tired of leaving life with no one to share this with..
Then life gives you battle you cannot overcome and a knight to save the damsel in distress..

You found yourself falling..
Falling hard..
Falling deeply madly hard with the person..

Without you knowing.. You have lost yourself in the process.

Maybe loving someone so much makes you forget yourself. You forgot who you are.. What you want.How to decide for yourself and what you really aspire for.
You have forgotten the ABCs you knew so well.

You are so consumed in working hard to please the other person that you dismiss your own needs. You run even if you wanted to walk,and drown because you forgot how to swim.

You have forgotten how to stand up for yourself because there’s a knight to save the princess anyway.

You have forgotten how to speak what’s in your mind and do what your body desires to.
You have got tounge tied,because less talk less mistakes right? Even if you knew that you’re quite the talker.

Its always been about the other person. The wants,the needs, the satisfaction of the other.

Its draining..
Its consuming..

But that’s what commitment is about right?

You commit to work hard to improve your relationship.
You commit to do everything for the betterment.

And it should be both of you. Because if its only you who does the work.. Then indeed it is draining.. It’s not love which is consuming.. It is the relationship. Because instead of two way..it becomes one way.

A relationship with only one whose willing to work is draining. Might as well walk out of it. This siuation gives you two choices..

Are you willing to risk being drained for the rest of your life? And will you patiently wait and try to swim until the other person tries to save you? Or just pack your bags and start anew?

Its your choice.



The Supplement you never knew you needed

Customer demands are changing abruptly. Innovations has been side by side, and trends updates from time to time. The way people look and how other people will see them has become the most important concern in one’s day to day living. People’s confidence is now alongside with  their social media popularity. Even smart phones ride on with  this craze with their filtered camera. But at the end of the day, the unfiltered you will still be revealed. After all the cosmetics has been removed, you will see a reflection of your only comfort– your skin.

Our skin play important role in one’s appearance. It covers protects everything inside the body and it is no secret that it changes as we age. At some point, no filter could beautify, no concealer could hide, and the skin will be uneditable anymore. Maybe this is the time people evaluate how they really take care of the largest organ in our body? Is it kept healthy and supplied with the right vitamins it needs or it is simple taken for granted?

Enough of procrastination and start valuing what’s really important —- yourself!

Let me introduce the product that will change the way you perceive supplements, healthy living and whitening.


Crystal White Skin Supplement Antioxidant & Whitening is the supplement you never knew you needed. It feeds your skin with the right nutrients it needs to keep it healthy and glowing.

Crystal White Skin Supplement Antioxidant & Whitening is a 100% Japan made and is composed of 7 main ingredients.

L-Cystein, that  reduces melanin and directly lighten pigmentation.

Hithion Glutathione, an antioxidant and skin lightening that reduces biological oxidation.

Grapeseed reduces inflammation,stabilizes collagen and elastin and acts as a natural antihistamine in the protection and healing of connective tissue.

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidant that protects the body from immune system deficiencies,cardiovascular disease and skin wrinkling.

Resveratrol, potent antioxidant that can inhibit platelet aggregation preventing free radical damage.

Polygonatum Odoratum,anti-aging and takes away free radicals.

Saxifraga Stonolifera,anti tumor and anti oxidant.

So basically, it is the supplement that do not focus on the whitening alone. Hence, it provides a lot of health benefits such as the following:

  • It can help regulate bowel movement. (aids in constipation)
  • Helps give you a better sleep.
  • Helps in giving you a toned body because it can help burn fats. (resveratrol)
  • It protect your cells from being damage due to sun exposure. (Grapeseed).
  • It interferes with tyrosine in releasing dark pigment in your skin. (L-cystein)


I have never seen a supplement that almost has it all! Get this product for only P1950.00 in any Dermcare, Belle La Peau, The Brow Hub branches nationwide. It also recently launched at Shoppee and BeautyMNL!

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When love goes wrong..

Recovered from Tumblr account

Earlier this morning I woke up with the Television on and the hosts and guests of the show were discussing on a topic about LOVE and Mistresses. 

The question was, Can we control being in love with someone who is already committed? or in simple terms.. Can we control Love?

I feel like I am obliged to give my own perception about the question, not that I have in one relationship like that, but because I am a lady and I have my own opinion about it and well.. I partly disagree with their answer.

The guests of the show answered “No, we cannot control it. It is not their choice to become a mistress or to ruin a relationship, they just loved.”

I beg to disagree to that statement.

Yes, we just loved and we cannot choose who we fall for (oftentimes) because as they say,  love happens in ways you never expect it to.

But, case to case basis I may say. When it had come to your knowledge that the other person, or “the person you have fallen for” is already committed and worse “married”, you have to pack your bags and go away! Why would you risk being an option?

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Think again, do you ever think that this person will give you lifetime of happiness? Do you think that she/he will ever treat you as a priority? Do you think that she/he will gave up what she/he had long before you came just for you? Stop dreaming! Live in reality! Move on! because that will not happen!, for some it may work but its just 1 out of 10.

I know.. I know.. It’s easier said than done. But, …

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Being in a wrong relationship will never lead you to the right path. Put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side of the line. If you were the original, and someone is flirting with your love, how would you feel?

I agree that love is so unconditional and sometimes although our mind is urging us to leave the person, we cannot do it. Why? because our hopes are still high. In the back of our minds, we are still hoping that we will be the priority and we will be the chosen one. But, this is wrong. No matter how many times we flip the coin,  you will still be the grey area.

It won’t happen overnight. You may shed tears. Reminisce the moments.

But its not for you. She/He is not for you.

Someone already has him/her.

Someone is already making him/her happy.

Don’t be the instrument to him/her committing sins of stabbing their partner in the back. Don’t pull the trigger because you don’t deserve it.

You deserve to be a priority not an option.

You deserve his/her 24 hours not his/her 3 hours or MWF.

You deserve him/her full attention, not his/her part time.

You deserve to her universe and not just a portion.

You deserve someone better, someone who is for you.

and for those lying, unfaithful, cheating partner…

Karma’s a bitch! Would you leave your “Forever” just to be with someone whom you think makes you happier now?

If your answer is YES! then Go!

Do not prolong the agony of the person whose expecting you to be the same man/woman they had met years or months ago.

Originally posted by gurl

You don’t deserve him/her. Just leave!

and..piece of advice..

To wrap this up, No we cannot control love but  we have a choice whether to follow cupid or save our self from a lifetime of guilt and follow our damn mind (for once). Cheers! 🙂



Hindi tayo ganon..

Sabi nila, kapag mahal mo lulunukin mo pride mo kahit mabulunan kana, kahit hindi ikaw ang may kasalanan,ikaw yung unang magsosorry kasi ayaw mong lumipas yung buong araw na magkaaway kayo, dahil ayaw mong masayang ang oras nyo sa bangayan at batuhan ng mga masasakit na salita o hindi magkibuan..

pero totoo pala talaga na sa isang relasyon, isa lang ang  ganon.

Isa lang kasi ang mas nagmamahal.

 Isa lang ang handang magpakumbaba para sa kanila.

 Isa lang ang mas umiintindi.

Isa lang ang mas nagmamahal..

Yung isa, naFall nalang. Sumakay nalang. Kaya kahit na magaway okay lang.

Mag hihintay nalang na kibuin, 

Maghihintay na lambingin.

Maghihintay na mahalin ng sobra,

at kung hindi, hahayaan nalang. sumakay nalang din. NAFALL LANG KASI.

Hindi ba pwede na pareho?

Parehong mahal na mahal ang isa’t isa?

Parehong handang magpakumbaba?

Parehong takot mawala ang isa?

Parehong nagbibigay ng sobra?

Parehong umuunawa?

Parehong nagbibigay para sa ikakaayos at ikatatagal ng relasyon?


Hindi na kailangang mag hintayan kung sino una kikibo o maglalambing dahil sabay kayo gagawa ng paraan para maging maayos.

Hindi na kailangang bilangin kung sino laging umuunawa o umeefort kase pareho nyo alam na kung ano man ang binibigay ng bawat isa ay higit pa sa kailangan.

Kapag ganun, napakasarap siguro magmahal. Wala ka ng nanaisin pang gawin kung hindi ang magmahal dahil nasusuklian ka.. sobra sobra pa sa hinigi mo.

Araw araw nkaukit ang mga ngiti sa mga labi mo dahil araw araw ka nyang pinapasaya.

Lalo pa siguro magiging masarap mabuhay.

Ang sarap siguro..

Kaso hindi tayo ganun..

Hindi tayo ganon..



Recovered from Tumblr account


Zoe tries to Vlog

Holy weeks are holidays for some..its a chance to visit places because why not? Its long weekend. But, for me, this holiday is best spent with family. It’s the time to do some catching up and bonding moments long stolen other stuffs we attend to during regular days.

As for Zoe and me, we just did staycation.. Aside from the fact that I was sick, it’s the best time to do some parenting 😂

Here’s some snippets of our days together last holiday.😂😂😂 (all raw files)

The story..(Our Story)

As I was browsing my Tumblr account, I saw this post. This was the first poem i have written about him and I haven’t written anything after. 😦




They say all stories start with Once Upon a time..,

and ends in Happily ever after..

Is it how I’ll tell this story too?

Like how you started it when I asked you?

Well..Once upon a time there was this girl,

she hugs the walls, she push them all,

she used to believe she lives alone,

so when someone cares she doubts and drove them away.

Then one day he met a man,

the man he never expected.

He was the man, a handsome one (?)

the man who’s willing to embrace her.

She always doubts and find hard to believe,

thinking that he will soon leave..

but this man proves otherwise,

he never even left her nor think twice.

They may argue a lot, I say

just about small petty things..

but, its normal for them to misunderstood..

because they are two different creatures.

What they had was not a stage play,

what they had was not a dream,

What they had was never planned,

it is reality and it was meant to be.

Like all stories, it started as Once upon a time..

but not all stories, theirs has no end..

(Only Happy ever after)





My AdSummitPH 2018 experience

This year, I got to attend the biggest advertising and marketing event in the Philippines. An event wherein almost all the key players in the industry have gathered around to learn, showcase and mingle with each other.

Here is the video to summarize my week of stay in Subic for the event. 😜

How to qualify as a Mom

Can you really call your self a mom if you really haven’t done your job “as a mom” and by “job as a mom” I mean the job of a mom as what society defines it to be.

To qualify as a mom you must experience all of the following: (Not just one or some,but All of it)

1. Give birth
2. ‎Breastfeed
3. ‎See your child grow
4. ‎Witness your child’s milestones.
5. ‎Remember when your child first walk
6. ‎Remember what’s your child’s first word
7. ‎Feed your baby
8. ‎Change your baby’s diaper
9. ‎Take a bath of your baby
10. ‎Send your baby to school
11. ‎Teach your child’s first language
12. ‎Sing lullaby to your child
13. ‎Read them books
14. ‎Tuck them to bed
15. see them grow

These are just the basic things that a mom should do (according to the societal standards) to qualify and be called A MOM.
Its alarming and bias isn’t it?

Mother nowadays are not the typicals. Gone are the days when women are too inferior than men that they don’t even deserve a place in the corporate world..or even to become leaders. Women nowadays,and mostly mothers are sharing the same loads as those of men. They deserve equal rights as their male counterpart.

Society should acknowledge the fact that there are portions of working women who are moms. They are working to provide for the family while climbing their way up to the corporate ladder. She is making sure she meet the needs of her two bosses- her family and her corporate boss.
She should not be at fault not seeing her child’s milestones because she is doing her best to cope up. And believe me it is the worst thing ever for a mom, to know less about her child.

What about those mom’s who portray the role of two personas? Those who struggle to be a mom and a dad disregarding her own personal happiness for her child’s sake? Or maybe asking someone to take care of her child while she source out the ways and means of surviving their life?
Do you think she don’t deserve to be called a mom for missing much? Without even thinking what she had to endure to survive?

What about the mom who choose to travel away from the family to secure their future?
She missed everything.. Knew her child based on photos and videos sent. Contented on the videocalls even if deep inside her heart is pouring out with pain.
Do you think she does not deserved to be called a mother just because she was not there?

Society should stop defining who’s who. Because women deserve everything in this life. They deserved to be heard. They deserve a place. And they deserved to be acknowledged as much as others are. Mothers, especially,are the group of women who are often underrated. People would say “oh they’re just moms.” Like its that simple.
Apparently to the world,mom’s are just those women who change their child’s diapers,breastfeed them and sing them lullabies. But in Reality,these group of women are the toughest species in the planet. They are heroes and have gone through a lot just to make sure their families enjoy a bright future. They sacrificed themselves.. They are selfless.. They are tough!

So how should one qualify to be called a mom?
Screw it!
Everyone can be a mom!
(Even if your not born with the v)

So to all women,especially Mom’s out there, do not let others define who you are or what you want to become because you are doing great!

Happy International Women’s Day!


Appreciation Post to my Godly woman- MY MOM


Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” — Proverbs 31:28-29

This is an appreciation post for the Godly woman who continuously inspire me to become a better version of myself – MY MOM.

Death will not change anything mom. You are still and will always be my number one inspiration. You  have been the reason  why I finished my studies. The reason why I strive harder everyday and surpass all life’s challenges. The reason I still breathe despite life’s chaotic nature.

I still recall how you took care of me when I was a child until I grew up. You gave me everything and gave up your life for me. I became your one and only priority.  I know I do not deserve everything but still you love me with no limitations and for that I will be forever grateful.

You are the only Godly woman I look up to. No amount of words would describe how pure your heart is. You have been abused but is still willing to help others. You always see the good in humanity and believe in second chances. I was the complete opposite, but because I believe in you and listen in God’s words, I will try.

For a thousand times let me say I love you and Thank you.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the overflowing love you have poured out. Thank you for being my number one fan when others do not believe in me. Thank you for being my best friend and confidant. Thank you for being my walking diary when I couldn’t contain what I feel. Thank you for being my source of strength when I am at my weakest. Thank you for my life mom. I will not be here if not for you nor will be where I am now. I love you so much and no amount of words could justify that.

Now that you are with Him now. You have been more blessed because you finally reside in the paradise of our creator.





1. SEEK GOD FIRST: Reject the lie that anything or anyone else can satisfy you.

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Matthew 6:33-34

2. SPEAK FAITHFULLY: Love others with godly wisdom, boldness, and kindness as a faithful completer of others.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” – Genesis 2:18

3. SHOW TRUE BEAUTY: Bodies deteriorate; persons develop. Invest in that which lasts.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. – Proverbs 31:30

4. STAY HUMBLE: Be constantly aware of pride and selfishness. Don’t think less of yourself but think of yourself less.

“Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the LORD. “These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at my word.” – Isaiah 66:2

5. SERVE THE LORD: Set your mind on eternal things, serve the eternal King, and live to please only Him.

“He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to life eternal. If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also; if anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him.” – John 12:25-26


Source: link here


My month of Hello’s and Goodbye’s (Part 1)

Today is August 1,2017. The first day of what they call the ghost month. The first day of my Hello and Goodbye month..

You know what they say? A lot of things can happen in a day, what more in a month right? For some, this month can be their birth month, or anniversary, or promotion day or whatever that makes this month worth  waiting for. But for me? I am torn between two emotions ( no, that’s a little underrated).. let me rephrase that.. I am torn between a lot of emotions that I could not fathom which will be the best emotion to portray.

You would probably ask me why did I call it my hello and goodbye month. Let me explain it to you the best detailed way I can.

Why goodbye month?


I was just 17 years old when I was forced to bid goodbye to the person I dearly love.My best friend, confidant, and guide was taken away from me while I was busy preparing for our future. My young heart was shattered to pieces.  The light of my life was switched off and made me live in darkness.

The only person who I grew up with;who can understand my  imperfections without judging me left without even saying goodbye. She left without a word.

I studied away from home to be independent and be the best daughter  one could ever have. I rarely come home to visit her and tell her how university life was personally. I frequently ignore her calls and forgets to reply to her text messages with the reason that “I am so tired or busy”. I was so consumed by school activities and in becoming so competitive that I overlook the person struggling for me. I care less about how money was got as long as I submit every project, represent the school even if it requires travel,attend every tour, pass all the requirements,buy every book needed to be the best student in our college when I should also be aiming to be the best daughter to my mother.

I was her only daughter yet I still choose to be away from her to become perfect. I was so consumed in molding my self to be this and that that I never knew that the independence I was practiced for will be for a lifetime.

It was July 30,2011 when my mother had a vehicular accident. It was midterm week in the University but I was not informed that I will be taking the test outside school. Life gave me a test to realize which is more important, will I be the best student or will I be the best daughter?

In a heartbeat, I rushed home to be the best daughter but it was too late. The best mother I have was in the ICU. She can barely breathe on her own but her heart still beats. There I saw my best mother fighting for her life teary eyed but could not even speak a word. She looks different. Her brain is full of fluid. Her life was only level 3.

Day and Night  I used the oxygen pump to supply oxygen to her body so she would not stop breathing. I should not blink an eye and take a break or my mother would be lost in a sec. It took 2 days before we were given the oxygen tank. I run here and there to submit the laboratory and buy her medicine. I hop from hospital to hospital just to make sure we would get the right results, correct documentations and analysis of her condition.

Sigh.These was not taught in University… I am not prepared for this. I was not prepared for this.

August 1 when a doctor talked to my 17 year old self. My relatives could not make a decision so they allowed me to make the biggest decision of my life.They made me choose between fighting or giving up.

If I choose to fight there is a big chance that she will be suffering all her life. She will live but only with 30% of her life. She could not speak, move or do anything for herself. She will be physically alive but dead. No therapy could improve her condition and I could not afford it either nor the nurse who will attend to her while I was at school. But choosing to fight will be choosing to be with my mother a little longer.

If I choose to  give up. I will save her from lifetime of misery.

How do I know what’s right and best thing to do? I am just a young ambitious 17 year-old.—I prayed hard to ask for guidance. I talked to the people I trust..

and there it goes..

August 2,2011 when I made the biggest decision  in my entire life. 

The day I have decided to change my life.

The very reason that made me who I am today.

The day I have decided to let go and give up.

The day I sometimes regret..

I’d like to think I was selfish. I should have fought harder. I should have believed in miracles and its wonders.  I should have been stronger on my own.

but I was fragile..and vulnerable…and not knowing..

I do not know what to do. I just chose to gave up.

Today, August 1,2017, 6 years since I gave up from  her. 6 years being haunted by what ifs and could have beens. I could not move on from the fact that I lost her because I gave up.

Tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of my first Goodbye. I would like to tell you that I am still struggling to be okay but I am managing it. I’d like to believe that everything that happened was for the best but my tears still could not handle it. I am physically fine mom but I am emotionally wrecked and no one could fix it ( maybe time can tell..who knows?)

On the other hand I am thankful because you made me stronger  than my 17 year old self. I realized that I could never be perfect no matter what I do. You made me realized that I can make it on my own and no words, criticisms and rejections can ever made me give up  ever again. My dreams now are your dreams and those will be my lifes mission. I will make you proud mom. No matter how hard it gets, I will make it and this time I will FIGHT! i will keep fighting until they will get tired of bringing me down.

Now, I will aim to be your best daughter.


I’d like to think that life is a compilation of Hello’s and Goodbye’s and here’s my first Goodbye.