From the mind of the depressed..

Countless times I have asked God to take my life. To never wake up.. To stop breathing.. But God is so merciful He still allowed me to live up to this day and discover my own purpose. Have you ever had the sleepless nights being consumed by thoughts you don't even know where it came … Continue reading From the mind of the depressed..


How I am doing at 25.

Whoa! I am living this world for 25 freaking years!!!! And just like any 20something human being I still don't know what I am doing with my life aside from paying my bills, my insurance, my house rent and tuition fees, working my ass off, doing laundry and eating 3 to 4 times a day! … Continue reading How I am doing at 25.


It's already October.. 2 months to go and will bid goodbye to 2018. What? Already???   The past few months has been a crazy ride. I was faced with difficult situations wherein I was tested as a person. I had to choose between moving on and staying, finally decided to move in to another apartment, … Continue reading LIFE IS..